The Indus Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology Nurses Participate in International Society of Pediatric Oncology Congress

Karachi, Pakistan

November 4, 2019

The 51st International Society of Pediatric Oncology Congress held in Lyon, France. The four-day congress was held from October 23 – 26, 2019. This year the theme was ‘no child should die of cancer’. The annual congress is meant for the healthcare providers and it offers a platform for people working in the Pediatric Oncology field. Shenila Anwaral; Rehana Punjwani; Bashir Ahmed; Sarah Junaid; and Shehzad Kanji abstracts were selected for oral presentation. However, Rehana Punjwani and Shenila Anwar represented the whole team.

The Indus Hospital was highly appreciated for optimal nursing education and innovative initiatives taken in the field of Pediatric Oncology.

The detail of abstracts is given below:

  • Achievement, and pitfalls in improving Pediatric Oncology Nursing Standards: experience of Indus Hospital in a Public-Private Partnership project supported by My Child Matters grant
  • Establishing Essentials Nursing Competency for Pediatric Oncology Nurses at TIH
  • Improving Pediatric Oncology Nursing Care Beyond Borders: Significance of Regional collaboration.
  • Effectiveness of Implementing Strategies to Reduce Asparagine-related Adverse Effects at Pediatric Oncology Daycare at TIH
  • Initiation of Patient and Family Education Program for Pediatric Oncology Patients in the Pediatric complex, TIH
  • Measuring the Quality of Childhood Cancer Care and Improving Trends in Pediatric Oncology Nursing practice through Clinical Indicators
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