Food Appeal

Food Appeal

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Food Appeal

Your generosity will go towards providing nutritious meals to the patients, medical staff, and all those that have travelled and are waiting to be seen. Hospitals can be filled with anxiety and hope, lets offer them a warm plate of food that can momentarily comfort their worries. Your support could be the difference between life and death.

Fidya is a religious obligation that is to be paid in circumstances where one is unable to fast. A donation of £5 per missed fast (days) is required for each individual. This donation aims to feed a hungry person two meals a day.

This applies to anyone that is permanently ill, are on regular medication during the day, or those who have mental illness.


Kaffarah is also a religious obligation but it is to be paid in circumstances where a fast is invalid or intentionally broken. A payment is then required for the broken fast along with the requirement to make up for that fast at a later stage.

For each missed fast they are required to feed 60 poor people, at the rate of £5 per person that equates to £300 per broken fast.

Let us make the most of this time and remember His command to have faith, to retain hope, to stand in prayer and to support one another through this difficult time.

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