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Dr. Abdul Bari Khan Addresses Global Healthcare Leaders At Sams 22nd International Conference In Istanbul

President, IHHN, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, attended the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) 22nd International Conference in Istanbul, Türkiye as a speaker on June 29th, 2024. This year, the conference focused on “Reviving Hope: Enhancing Healthcare Quality through Development & Medical Education.” The conference brought together global leaders, physicians, allied health professionals, students and humanitarians for valuable discourse on leveraging innovation, development and medical education for enhancing quality of care. Speaking at the conferences’ scientific program which is CME-accredited by the University of Chicago, President, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan addressed participants in the session focusing on “Transforming Healthcare: Improving Quality & Creating an Example” on Indus Hospital & Health network’s vision for the future. At the conference and during his visit to Türkiye, Dr. Abdul Bari khan engaged with global stakeholders on IHHN’s mission and path forward; discussing potential collaborations and partnerships in Türkiye and globally.

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