Ferrying Hope on the River Indus

September 7, 2020, Bhong: The Indus Health Network (IHN) is embarking upon a new journey to provide primary care services through the first-ever Boat Clinic in Pakistan. The initiative will serve the vulnerable population in Southern Punjab who is barely touched by development with limited access to any type of health services. The clinic will provide quality screening and primary care services free-of-charge. Patients in need of secondary and tertiary level care will be referred to the IHN partner and referral sites. The catchment area is home to approximately 105,000 people which is further divided into 47% male, and 53% female population. The inhabitants are marginalized and vulnerable, with bare minimum access to communications. The area gets completely submerged during the floods. In such a scenario, the only way to get healthcare is by boat. The Boat Clinic services will be soon launched in the coming month with a couple of docking

Dr. Naseem Salahuddin Addresses WHO’s ‘United Against Rabies’ forum

Dr. Naseem Salahuddin, Head of Department of Infectious Diseases, The Indus Hospital, and “Rabies Free Pakistan” campaign, was honored to address the United Against Rabies (UAR) forum on Tuesday. The Director Generals of World Health Organization (WHO), World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and other international speakers also addressed the forum. The objective of the online webinar in Geneva was to formulate a Global Strategic Plan to end human deaths from dog-mediated rabies by 2030. “To make rabies elimination a reality by 2030, we need all sectors to join forces – National and Local governments of both human and animal health, research, industry, private sector, and civil society, to eliminate rabies in Pakistan”, Dr. Naseem said while addressing the forum. “My personal struggle with rabies elimination in Pakistan goes back to over two decades. It started with the National Institute of Health (NIH), advising them to

Landscaping the Garden of Hope

Approximately, 100-120 children are diagnosed with cancer every month at The Indus Hospital, Karachi, alone. These children belong to different regions of Pakistan. At times, families from Afghanistan and Iran also travel all the way to Karachi for the treatment of their children. In recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness month, Paediatric Psycho-social Department arranged an inspirational activity, ‘The Garden of Hope,’ to spread awareness about childhood cancer. In this activity, 100 symbolic figures were placed at the garden area inside the Korangi campus, to represent each suffering child and their hope towards every one of us. The figures were colored in gold to represent the symbol of childhood cancer. The participants of the activity wrote inspirational messages on the gold figures before placing them in the garden to show their support for the survivors. The activity was attended by CEO, Indus Hospital, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, COO, Dr. Wasif Shahzad, Executive Director, Medical Services, Dr. Muhammad Shamvil

TenPearls Helps TIH in Fighting COVID-19

Karachi The Indus Hospital, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan, has been on the forefront and has played a vital role in bearing a major burden of the situation. To support the COVID-19 services at TIH, TenPearls committed to help the cause of quality healthcare.

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