Lehrasib Ali Choudhry

President, Manchester Chapter

Indus Health Network UK

Lehrasib Ali Choudhry, a seasoned management consultant, is the esteemed president of our Manchester chapter. His journey with Indus Health Network UK began in 2017 when he joined as a volunteer, driven by a profound passion for humanitarian service. Lehrasib was deeply inspired by the organization’s mission of offering free medical treatment to over 6 million vulnerable patients at no cost. This noble cause resonated with him on a personal level, transforming his admiration into a dedicated pursuit. Today, as the president of the Manchester chapter, Lehrasib Ali Choudhry channels his professional expertise and unwavering commitment to further the mission of Indus Health Network, ensuring that the underserved receive the essential healthcare they deserve. His leadership and dedication continue to inspire many within the community, making a significant impact on countless lives.

Chapter’s Achievements