I Found My True Calling; Dr Feraz Rahman

I Found My True Calling; Dr Feraz Rahman

‘Over 50 per cent of women trying to conceive can get pregnant within two years’ said Dr Feraz Rahman, while explaining the procedure to the treatment of uterine fibroid embolization.

Dr Rahman is an Interventional Radiologist and Clinic Director at Advanced Midwest Interventional Radiology, Illinois, USA.

“I always thought that I must set an example, share my expertise, and respond to my calling to give back. Visiting Indus Hospital and treating patients here is part of my mission”, said Dr Feraz Rahman.

His visit was part of a long-term programme in which he would work as a visiting faculty and would create a pool of interventional radiologists to continue this practice. He focused on the treatment of uterine fibroid embolization and explained the procedure, “It is a simple procedure by which a catheter is inserted at the wrist or groin which blocks the blood supply to the uterus and shrinks the benign tumours to improve symptoms. The best part of a fibroid embolization is that the patient preserves their uterus and future fertility, unlike surgical hysterectomy.”

During his visit, Dr Rahman gave presentations and lectures about uterine artery embolization and other Interventional Radiology procedures focusing on women’s health. Dr Rahman brought medicine worth US $ 50,000 and performed 13 procedures.

He said, “I’m feeling happy to be connected with the faculty at TIH. I’ll try to help them in forwarding the noble cause.”

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