These are unsettling times as the whole world is facing the challenges related to Covid-19. Countries with strong economies and best health care systems across the globe are struggling to fight back this calamity.

Unfortunately, healthcare system and economic condition of Pakistan are in such a state that we are unable to cater to the basic needs of our countrymen even when the business is as usual. In case of disasters of such a large scale, the situation is deteriorated.

Those who are already under served are at higher risk. Getting access to quality health care and food supplies is incredibly challenging at this time.

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said:

“Give Sadaqah without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.”


Indus Health Network is playing a pivotal role by working with Sindh Government and Federal Government to gear up to enhance preemptive action to flatten the curve.

Sindh Government entrusted Indus to set up isolation, quarantine, testing, and treatment facilities. Indus is collaborating with government and private hospitals to take joint actions to minimise the impact of possible outbreak.

Despite countless efforts of the network and the government, there are millions of patients who face economic barriers to healthcare or live in areas with inadequate medical facilities. The risk of serious illness or death from disease is higher for them.

We need to steer our efforts, skills, and funds to overcome this disaster. The hospital is in urgent need of monetary donations. You can be a part of the bigger picture by coming forward with your Sadqat & Zakat to support the fight against this deadly virus.


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